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Central Florida Council Adds Greenback to the 2020 Camp Card Sales! Supplementing our Camp Card Sales

With the recent events related to Covid-19 and the need for participating in social distancing, the ability to sell Camp Cards has been significantly impacted.

In the spirit of “always be prepared,” the Central Florida Council has prepared an exciting and easy to use new program that will continue to help Scouts earn their way to an unparalleled camping experience- supplementing our camp card sale.

We are now launching greenback® for Scouts, a new way to raise funds without the need to leave your home!

When someone makes a donation through the online portal, they will receive a greenback membership, including thousands in savings at over 350,000 great places to shop, dine, and travel nationwide.

For each $10 donation made, customers would receive a 3-month membership to greenback, and for donations of $25 or greater, they will receive a one year membership. Your unit will receive 40% commission on each $10 donation and 50% commission on donations $25 or greater!  Commission check will be placed in Unit Accounts around the end of each month.

Want to see how it works?  Click the following link to donate today!!/

For additional information or to sign your Unit up please contact .


2020 Central Florida Council’s Camp Card Sale Information

The 2020 Central Florida Council’s Camp Card Sale will begin February 1, 2020 and end May 30, 2020. This $5.00 camp card will help Scouts earn their way to camp, with the potential of earning up to 40% commission on every camp card sold!

We are not just selling discount cards, we are selling Camp! While the camp card discounts are a plus, what you are really selling is character and a better community. You are making sure that every Scout can benefit from an unparalleled camping experience.

What are Camp Cards?

Camp Cards are discount cards to various businesses in our Central Florida Council service area. This FUNdraiser allows Scouts to earn up to $2 for every card sold for themselves or their Unit.

Our $5 camp card helps Scouts earn their way to camp! Selling Camp Cards is an easy no risk way to teach Scouts the value of earning their way. Going to camp is the highlight of every Scout’s year. Shouldn’t they understand the value of that experience?

This sale plays an essential role in allowing you to generate the funds for your Unit, and to send your Scouts to camp this summer.

Imagine being able to pay for a MAJOR portion of what your Unit does for an entire year with Camp Card profits. Trips…camp outs…training…advancements…blue & gold banquets…courts of honor…trailers…uniforms…day camp…resident camp…summer camp!

Our goal is to give all Scouts and Venturers the opportunity to earn the money needed to have the best unparalleled Scouting summer ever!

How you can help secure Vendors/Community Partners:

Do you know of a Community Partner who could benefit from an increase in their sales in your community? Do you know of a Community Partner who is well known or offers a service or product that the community loves and would be willing to purchase Camp Cards if this Community Partner was on our Camp Card? Do you know of a Community Partner who would be willing to offer a great discount to your community for an entire year? If you answered YES to these questions, we need your assistance to help recruit this Community Partner for our 2020 Camp Card in your area!

Please email Tia Pendleton so we can work on securing them to be a Community Partner on our 2020 Camp Card!

How do I Sign Up?

Please contact Tia Pendleton at the Council Office to participate in our Annual Camp Card Fundraiser.

Why Sell?

Selling camp cards gives Scouts a spring fundraiser to generate funds in preparation for summer camps. This relieves the pressure for units to conduct a spaghetti dinner, car wash, pine straw sale, etc. The card sells for $5.00 and is a great way for someone to support Scouting. Scouts can earn up to 40% commission AND camp certificates AND more!


Participating Scout earn commission and earn the prize of attending a camp within the Central Florida Council! Scouts choose their goal level and seek out to reach it! Bi-weekly drawings are also held to help steer our Scouts to an unparalleled camping experience!

We are not just selling Discount Cards, we are selling Camp! While the camp card discounts are a plus, what you are really selling is character and a better community. You are making sure that every Scout can benefit from an unparalleled camping experience.

How and where do I sell camp cards?

Think of creative places to sell camp cards. Scouts can sell camps cards to family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, storefront sales (make sure you ask permission from the establishment), door-to-door, church, sporting events.

Commission Structure: EARN UP TO 40%!!

  • Pre-order Camp Card Pre-Order by November 29, 2019 – 20%
  • Attend one (1) of three (3) Kickoffs – 10%
  • Order Prizes/Settle on time by Saturday, May 30, 2020 – 10%

Camp Card Calendar


May 30, 2020 Sales Ends/Settlement Day!
All prize orders due online!
Please submit your prizes here
TBD All camp scholarships are distributed
TBD Fun Day – all 150 camp card sellers
TBD Amazon & Scout Shop gift cards are distributed