Camp Cards

2022 Central Florida Council’s Camp Card Sale Information

The 2022 Central Florida Council’s Camp Card Sale will begin February 1, 2022 and end April 30, 2022. This $5.00 camp card will help Scouts earn their way to camp, with the potential of earning up to 50% commission on every camp card sold!

Camp Cards are discount cards to various businesses in our Central Florida Council service area. This Fundraiser allows Scouts to earn up to $2.50 for every card sold for themselves or their Unit.

Our $5 camp card helps Scouts earn their way to camp! Selling Camp Cards is an easy no risk way to teach Scouts the value of earning their way. Going to camp is the highlight of every Scout’s year. Shouldn’t they understand the value of that experience?

This sale plays an essential role in allowing you to generate the funds for your Unit, and to send your Scouts to camp this summer.

Imagine being able to pay for a MAJOR portion of what your Unit does for an entire year with Camp Card profits. Trips…camp outs…training…advancements…blue & gold banquets…courts of honor…trailers…uniforms…day camp…resident camp…summer camp!

Our goal is to give all Scouts and Venturers the opportunity to earn the money needed to have the best unparalleled Scouting summer ever!

2022 Unit Leaders Guide

Checklist for Unit Camp Card Chairs

2022 Central FL CC Final

2022 Calendar and Commission Structure

How do I Sign Up?

Sign up your unit here!  

Need more cards after your initial order?

If your Unit sells all Camp Cards requested and would like to order additional cards—order them at Before receiving additional allotment of cards (bundles of 25 camp cards), units must pay a minimum of $2.50 or $3.00 (Based on commission structure selected) per additional card received.  Then let us know if you would like to pick-up camp cards from the office or make some other arrangement for pick-up. No refunds will be issued for additional cards ordered.

Return Policy..

Returns of unsold cards will be accepted until April 30, 2022 with the following conditions:

  • A unit can return up to 50% of their initial order at no cost.
  • Any additional returns over 50% of the initial order will be charged a $0.50 per card restocking fee.
  • The cards must be complete with no tabs removed or damaged.
  • Returns after April 30, 2022 will not be accepted, and the unit will be financially responsible.

The Central Florida Council reserves the right to refuse product that has been damaged or rendered unsalable.  The UNIT is RESPONSIBLE for ANY unreturned cards (lost, misplaced, damaged, torn, etc.)  No refunds will be issued for additional cards ordered.

2022 Commission Structure (up to 40% with prizes):

10%                                                     Pre-Order Camp Cards by December 3

10%                                                     Attend a Virtual Kick Off

20%                                                    Settle on time and Order Prizes by (Saturday, April 30, 2022)

2022 Prizes with 40% commission

2022 Commission Structure (up to 50% with NO prizes):

15%                                                     Pre-Order Camp Cards by December 3

10%                                                     Attend a Virtual Kickoff

25%                                                    Settle on time (Saturday, April 30, 2022)