Central Florida Council Camp Cards


The 2024 Camp Card Sale begins

January 18, 2024 and ends April 27, 2024.

This sale plays an essential role in allowing you to generate the funds for your Unit and to send your Scouts to camp this summer.




Selling Camp Cards is an easy no risk way to teach our Scouts the value of ‘EARNING THEIR WAY’.

Going to camp is the highlight of every Scout’s year. Shouldn’t they understand the value of that experience? This opportunity plays an essential role in allowing ALL UNITS to generate the necessary funds for your unit and to send Scouts to camp…


Our goal is to give all Scouts the opportunity to earn the funds needed to have the best unparalleled Scouting experience ever!




1. Wear your uniform.

2. Smile and tell them who you are (first name only).

3. Tell them what your are earning money for, “I’m earning my own way to go to________!”

4. Ask if they want to support Scouting and share the main offers on the Camp Card.

5. Close the Sales and THANK them!!





Camp Card Commission is 45% for all units when you turn in unsold cards and pay in full for all cards sold by APRIL 29th.

  Need more cards after your initial order?

If your Unit sells all Camp Cards requested and would like to order additional cards—you can order them through the app. Before receiving additional cards (bundles of 25 camp cards), units must pay for additional cards.  Then let us know if you would like to pick-up camp cards from the office or make some other arrangement for pick-up. No refunds will be issued for additional cards ordered.

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