Unit Recharters

The Central Florida Council wants to make your unit charter renewal easier for you!

Today, you are receiving the first of many tools to help your unit continue providing leadership skills and life training to your youth. This is the annual opportunity for charter organizations to recommit to the youth of our communities. Our commissioner and professional teams have developed a series of training materials, informational presentations and a workshop for the 2020 process. Below are some important dates and information you will need to know.

Youth Protection -As a reminder, the new YPT2 is required of all registered adult volunteers. The online system will not process an adult leader if their YPT2 is not current.  In addition, please remember that many Scouters’ youth protection training may be expiring early in 2020.  Avoid system errors with processing your unit charter renewal, please encourage all Scouters to renew their youth protection training early.

Unit Charter Coordinators Secured-We want to identify who will be responsible for your unit charter renewal.  This will allow our district and council charter renewal teams to support you. Please click here to register your unit charter coordinator.

Communication with Unit Leaders and Parents– Please communicate with parents of the Scouts in your unit, informing them of the upcoming unit charter renewal.  The fee for each Scout and Scouter to renew thier membership for 2020 is unknown due to the fact that we do not know what the new national registration fee is…we do know and have communicated that the Central Florida Council insurance fee is $17 per Scout and or Scouter.

Unit Membership Inventories (October 1-15) – Your Commissioner or District Executive will be contacting you to review your newly recruited membership from the Fall campaign. The Unit Membership Inventory is an important step to having a successful recharter and helps identify any unregistered youth. In addition, please provide a copy of your unit’s roster to complete the membership inventory. Look for more details on this in an upcoming email to unit leaders.

Unit Detailed Assessments (October 1-15) – The District Commissioner teams will be contacting our Unit Key 3s to conduct detailed assessments for units that have not had one in 2019. These will focus on how our units are progressing in the Journey to Excellence and delivering unparalleled experiences for our youth. The assessments will also include a review of the direct contact unit leader training records and Youth Protection training records. Remember that the final Journey to Excellence score cards are due with your charter turn-in.

Roundtable – Your 2020 charter renewal packet will be available at October Roundtable. Each district will be hosting a Recharter Workshop the night of October Roundtable to guide you through the charter renewal process.

Roster Review- Please use the month of October to verify all youth & adults planning on renewing for the 2020 calendar year of Scouting. Please contact any youth or adult you haven’t seen at meetings recently to see if they want to continue their participation in Scouting.


Charters are due! – You will be turning in your 2020 charters to your commissioner team at your November Roundtable. Many districts are holding early turn-in dates prior to November Roundtable. We encourage you to take advantage of those opportunities to avoid the rush at Roundtable. All charters must be 100% complete at turn-in or they cannot be accepted. Remember, if a unit’s charter lapses, they cannot provide the Scouting program to their youth – no advancement, no meetings / activities and no one is covered by insurance.

Please click here to pay for your online recharter

We hope these tools make this process easier than ever and thank you for all that you do in Scouting!