Central Florida Council Staff

Field Services Team

Registrar / Membership Data: Patricia Fountain
Assistant to the Field Services Team: Lilly Bruno
Director of Field Service: David Mott

Alpha Service Area

Omega Service Area

Field Director  Brian Gorman
Field Director: Halvern Johnson
Narcoossee District Challenger District
District Executive: Shauna Prince
District Executive: TBD
District Executive: Haley Helton
Lake District Riverside District
District Executive: Tom Buckner
District Executive: Channing Tullio
Eagle Empire District Timuqua District
District Executive: Mike Green
District Executive: Angie Slattery
Senior District Executive: David Mwamba
District Executive: TBD
Seminole District
District Director: Ethel Harris
District Executive:

Scouter Services Team

Scouter Services Assistant: Theresa Jones 407-703-0222
Advancement and Training Records: Lynette Dukes 407-703-0225

Properties & Facilities Team

Camp Ranger (Sites 1-16, Group Camp): Sam Bostic 352-669-8558
Camp Ranger (Sites 17-25, Family Camp): Art Shippee 352-669-8558
Camp Ranger (Dr. Phillips Park): Tim LaBar 352-669-8558
Council Service Center Maintenance Aaron Caverly

Program Team

Program Director: (Short Term Camps / Day Camps / Unit Camping) Leigh Taylor 407-703-0261
Program Director: (Summer Camp / Winter Camp / Outside Groups / Advancement) Mac Griffith 407-703-0246

Scouter Services / Camp Management

Camp Senior Activities Coordinator / DSCS Assistant: Pam Falconer 407-703-0230
Director of Support & Camp Services Matt Ragan 407-703-0247

Business Support Team

Accounting Assistant: Kathy Devlin 407-703-0274
Accountant: Mark Janofsky 407-703-0287
Chief Financial Officer: Henry Knowles 407-703-0241

Development Team

Development Assistant David Tota 407-703-0250
Senior Project Specialist Kimmy Orosco 407-703-0254
Development Director Cherise Czaban 321-848-3530
Chief Development Officer Dan Ickes 321-278-3944
Vice President of Development Randy Steil 407-913-0775

Deputy Scout Executive

Assistant to the Deputy Scout Executive Wendy Thomas 407-703-0281
Deputy Scout Executive Chris Crowley 407-703-0256

Scout Executive

Assistant to the Scout Executive Traci Shepherd 407-703-0272
Scout Executive Eric Magendantz