We are gearing up for a great Popcorn Campaign in 2020…new products, new packaging, new prizes / experiences, plus much more…


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Ideal Year of Scouting 

As part of the way for your unit to earn the maximum commission percentage for the 2020 Popcorn Campaign please complete the 2020-2021 Ideal Year of Scouting survey.  The deadline to complete this survey is July 31, 2020.

Complete your unit’s 2020-2021 Ideal Year of Scouting Survey


$1,000 in Popcorn Sales thru Social Distancing


The New Online Direct

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Popcorn 2020 Documents

2020 Popcorn Calendar…

Instructions for 1st Popcorn Order…

The Popcorn App…

How to sell $1000 with Social Distancing 

Popcorn 2020 Family Guide

Popcorn Sales Cards for Scouts

Popcorn Door Hangers for Scouts