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Ideal Year of Scouting 

As part of the way for your unit to earn the maximum commission percentage for the 2021 Popcorn Campaign please complete the 2021-2022 Ideal Year of Scouting survey.  The deadline to complete this survey is July 31, 2021.

Complete your unit’s 2021-2022 Ideal Year of Scouting Survey


Sign Up for one of the Regional Popcorn Kickoffs

We will host 4 Virtual Regional Popcorn Kickoffs (2 Virtual Regional Kickoffs held on July 17th and 2 Virtual Regional Kickoffs held on July 24th) in 2021.  These virtual kickoffs are intended your unit to receive great tools, resources (including information on how we are helping the scheduling of show n sell locations throughout Central Florida)  and gain percentage points for the maximum commission percentage, please ensure your unit is represented at one of these Virtual Regional Popcorn Kickoffs.

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Popcorn 2021 Documents

2021 Popcorn Calendar…

2021 Popcorn App Quick Start Guide

How to sell $1000 of popcorn in 8 hours


Helpful items you can print from home for your Scouts

Scout Business Cards for Popcorn Sales

Scout Door Hangers for Popcorn Sales


Helpful Videos

The Popcorn App:

The Unit Leader Portal:


Helpful Webinars

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