Sign Up your unit for Popcorn 2023

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Popcorn 2023 Blitz Weekends

Popcorn Blitz Weekends:
Blitz Weekend #1: September 8-10
Blitz Weekend #2: October 13-15

Scouts that participate and sell 1 item (via online direct, show n sell or wagon sale) during the 2 CFC Blitz Weekends will receive the Central Florida Council 2023 Blitz Weekend Patches.

Please click here to submit the results from your Scouts 1st Blitz Weekend


Popcorn 2023 Information Packet

To help your unit with planning for Popcorn 2023 we have created a document (which includes the Popcorn 2023 Calendar and the method to sign up for pre-scheduled show n sell locations) as a resource to help you provide a great Popcorn Campaign for your unit.

Please click here to download the Popcorn 2023 Information Packet


Popcorn 2023 Lineup

Please click here to download a pdf of the Popcorn 2023 Lineup


Popcorn 2023 Family Guide / Scout Order Form 

Scouts should be receiving the Popcorn 2023 Family Guide and Take Order form in the mail this week.  This guide has information regarding the Popcorn 2023 Prizes which includes the Central Florida Council prizes too.

Please click here to download the Popcorn 2023 Family Guide / Take Order 


Popcorn 2023 Central Florida Council Prizes

Popcorn 2023 Trails End Prizes

Popcorn 2023 Documents

How to sell $1000 of popcorn in 4 hours

Storefront (Show n Sell) Reservation Guide

Popcorn App Guide



Helpful items you can print from home for your Scouts

Scout Business Cards for Popcorn Sales

Scout Door Hangers for Popcorn Sales


Helpful Videos

The Popcorn App:

The Unit Leader Portal:


Helpful Webinars

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